No Words

No Words

Leave The Surface

In June of last year, my husband and I went on vacation to Florida. We’ve been there before and I’ve spent a lot of time there, especially as a child. Both of us simply love everything about it.   During this particular vacation, we wanted to focus more on fun adventures rather than the typical relaxing

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Before The Music Stops

Earlier today, I had our favorite Christian radio station (kLove) playing on my laptop in the kitchen. The kids and I eventually went into the living room and sat down on the couch. A few moments later, my 4-year-old son looked at me and said, “You better dance, Mom. The music is going to stop.”  

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Behind The Door

My husband is a local, full time truck driver. He delivers produce to major restaurant chains here in Pennsylvania as well as nearby states. The job schedule is very taxing on our family at times, but we are also very grateful for it as we know that’s where he’s suppose to be for now. We

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The Spider

About a year ago, my kids were napping at the same time so I decided to do some deep cleaning (starting with the refrigerator). I wiped the shelves down, reorganized the condiments and so on. I was beginning to feel like a new woman.   Yes…productivity before my little stinkers woke back up and filled the

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God and Science

The relationship between God and science has always fascinated me. While many people tend to keep them totally separated by a massive brick wall, I believe they actually go hand in hand. Science is like the gateway to God’s handiwork. It’s peaking inside the studio of the Master Artist. It’s watching up close and personal

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My “To Be” list

There I was... changing my daughters diaper, yelling at my three year old to stop climbing up the refrigerator shelves and worrying about the stack of bills sitting on the table. I was waiting for my husband to call back so he could tell me his schedule and I could make mine... around his. I

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Let Him Work

We've all faced times in life when we wanted to grab someone and shake them so they somehow, magically, would "get it". As if shaking them would bring about their ah ha moment and make them finally understand what they've been missing all along.   Or maybe we were the ones someone else wanted to shake

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